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The objective is simple and clear: searching for pleasing aesthetics where the most advanced technology reigns.

Bare and essential lines: the design of carbon-ceramic discs is easily recognized at first glance. This is another reason why the disc won the "Golden Compass" in 2004, the oldest, but above all most authoritative global design award, with the following motivation: "If it were not a brake it would be a sculpture worthy of any modern art museum". This recognition is even more impressive when we consider that we are talking about a car part and not a traditional design item.

In addition to the particular and attractive texture, the surface of the disc is characterized by specific physical properties which prevent corrosion and the formation of rust areas. The vehicle itself also draws an advantage from the carbon-ceramic disc design, thanks to its ability to fill the empty space in the wheel rim. Last, but not least, the extremely low production of fine dust by the carbon-ceramic discs and pads provides a significant aesthetic benefit due to the fact that the rims remain clean. Just another Carbon Ceramic touch of style.