• Lexus LFA

    Supercar in every sense

  • Mercedes SLS-AMG

    Driving performance

  • Lamborghini Gallardo

    High performance with carbon-ceramic brakes

  • Porsche Cayman

    Queen of curves with absolute control

  • Corvette ZR1

    Velocity unleashed

  • Audi

    Carbon Ceramic brakes available as optional for the best Audi

  • Lamborghini Gallardo

    High performance with carbon-ceramic brakes

  • Huayra Pagani

    Control the power with Carbon-ceramic brakes

  • Nissan GT-R SpecV

    Sport Driving Performance With Carbon Ceramic Brakes

  • Ferrari Challenge Championship 2013

    Carbon Ceramic brakes for the most popular one-make series



Automobiles with out of standard weight and performance need brakes which are just extraordinary.

Carbon-ceramic discs provide the certainty of exceptional braking stability, always smooth, safe and quiet, even in considerably heavy vehicles. Thanks to the intrinsic properties of these discs, the stopping distance is significantly reduced compared with cast iron discs, contributing to greater safety in any driving conditions. Even in absolute terms, the lightweight nature of these new concept discs determines a decrease in the total weight of the car (20-25 kg). This guarantees globally improved performance such as consumption, comfort and vehicle reactivity.

The result is a braking system capable of reconciling performance, comfort and aesthetics, perfect for the most exclusive SUVs on the road.